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In today’s ever changing environment, it is extremely important to understand the components of successful leadership. Leadership development is crucial to succeed in any working environment. According to Deloitte University Press, soft skills trump technology in driving digital transformation. When asked about the most important skill for leaders to succeed in a digital environment, only 18% of respondents listed technological skills as most important. Instead, they highlighted managerial attributes such as having a transformative vision (22%), being a forward thinker (20%), having a change-oriented mindset (18%), or other leadership and collaborative skills (22%). A similar emphasis on organizational skills above technical ones for succeeding in digital environments was also reported for employees. Source: https://dupress.deloitte.com/dup-us-en/topics/emerging-technologies/mit-smr-deloitte-digital-transformation-strategy.html.


Corporate leadership will teach you the necessary skills to enhance your leadership ability in the 21st century. Whether you are a current leader in your organization or an emerging leader for tomorrow, these skills will transform you!


Learn the soft necessary to lead. In today’s working environment, it is not enough to be skilled technically; it is as important to develop softer interpersonal and relationship-building skills. Skills such as the ones learned in the course will help existing and emerging leaders communicate and collaborate more effectively. Additionally, each person will learn how to communicate more effectively as well as become a better strategic thinker. You will learn how to make effective decisions and understand and apply situational leadership to your working environment.

Leasership Development

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This leadership report identifies proficiency in the following leadership domains:


  • Leadership

  • Productivity

  • Interpersonal

  • Intrapersonal


Leadership Dimensions


ARTA Consulting can help you improve leadership in you organization. Whether it's your existing leaders or emerging leaders, ensure their success by introducing proven and effective techniques!


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How Is It Used?

The Leadership Report is used to determine the leadership qualities and potential for existing leaders within the organization or for the specific use of hiring leaders from outside of the organization.

Other Leadership Development Tools

Other tools include Job Fit and Selection. Be sure you are hiring the right candidate or selecting a candidate who is the right fit for the job!



How important is ROI? The cost of hiring and retatining the right leader is significant. These tools can help improve the effectiveness of those hiring choices!


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