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Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out in the workplace or in your personal life? Are questioning the behavior of yourself or others? Do you feel that there is nothing you can do about being stressed? You’ve got bills to pay, there are never enough hours in the day to get things done, and your work and family are demanding a lot from you. The reality is you have more control than you might think. Stress management can help you take charge of your thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with the day-to-day problems. Don’t despair, no matter how stressful things seem, there are ways to relieve the pressure and remain in control. Let me help you!

Do you often wonder how you are perceived by others in social or other settings? Do you know what body language to use in specific situations? Do you know what message the body language of others is conveying? Learning to understand tone of voice, mannerisms, and body language in yourself and recognizing them in others can help tremendously in various situations. Don’t stress, let ARTA Consulting help you become more self-aware, increase confidence, and improve communications with others.

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Stress Management

Many people experience fear and anxiety from time to time. It’s a normal reaction to stressful situations. Anxiety can actually be a good thing because it can help motivate an individual to complete a task or even help with recognizing a potentially dangerous situation.


From mild to intense, workplace anxiety is becoming an epidemic. Symptoms range from fearful thoughts to obsessive worrying. Physical symptoms can manifest as well from appearing nervous to avoiding a situation all together. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious or awkward at times but it becomes problematic when the anxiety controls your actions. Public speaking for example can be nerve wracking for some and for others it’s debilitating. Workplace challenges can become overwhelming.

Workplace Anxiety

Dr. Jason is available by appointment via phone, in person, Skype, or as a speaker on many areas of behavioral awareness.

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Making the decision to become more self-aware is not easy and in fact it takes time, effort, and patience. It’s difficult to get out of your comfort zone. You may not realize how others perceive your actions and behaviors and you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone else. By focusing on your own path, you can better understand your trigger points and how to encourage or prevent specific behaviors. ARTA Consulting can help you identify your own behaviors and modify your actions for different situations. Become more self-aware with Dr. Eileen Jason!

Self-Development Consultation Services

Rely on Dr. Jason for one-on-one consultations that will help you with your personal awareness and behavioral styles. Learn to identify behaviors that can help you overcome anxiety and manage stress. She specializes in recognizing self-awareness and building confidence. Ask for a FREE consultation or request one via email.

Tools and Techniques to Overcome Stress and Anxiety and to

Become More Self-Aware

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