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ARTA Consulting will provide you with the right tools to obtain the best resolutions for working with others and to become more self-aware about your behaviors as they relate to others.

Remember that ARTA Consulting helps businesses and individuals by pointing out and addressing their core strengths while developing areas of improvement.

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Improve Personal Awareness to Boost Your Career

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Rely on Dr. Jason for one-on-one consultations that will help you with your personal awareness and behavioral styles. Learn to identify behaviors that can help you communicate more effectively – personally or professionally. She specializes in recognizing self-awareness and building confidence. Ask for a FREE consultation or request one via email.



  Individual Personality Profile Assessment and Consultation starting at $125

  Group/Team Personality Profile Assessments and Consultation (1-5 people) starting at $250

As always, initial consultation is FREE.


Powerful Tools to Build Your Business Acumen


Dr. Jason is available for personal consultation by appointment via phone, in person, Skype, or as a speaker on many areas of behavioral awareness.


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Your personality and behavior says a lot about you but did you know that you can learn to get what you want in any situation? Understanding your personality can dramatically change your interactions with others – whether it is in a professional environment or in any personal situation. Learn how to understand body language and behaviors at first glance so that you can communicate more effectively! Get a free personality assessment when you book a one-hour consultation with me. Give me a call at 856-506-5159 or complete the form below to set up a private consultation. You’ll be glad you did!


Do You Know What Your Personality is Saying to You and to Others?

The Importance of Personality Profiles

From an organizational perspective, understanding personalities can and does impact the bottom line! Performance is directly impacted by behaviors. Understanding the dynamics associated with personality in the workplace plays a key role in how one behaves, reacts, and engages with others! Becoming aware of your personality and the personalities of others that you work with helps foster better communication and increases motivation – both of which impact performance and therefore impact the bottom line!


Understanding behaviors is increasingly important…


To help increase awareness of self and others – self-reflection.

To help work more effectively with co-workers - group interactions.

To help with customer satisfaction – customers buy from nice people.

To help become more effective leaders.

To help target the ideal job and job placement.

To create individual plans to optimize targeted competencies.


Ordering a free assessment from an online source will only go so far. Understanding how to apply the results of the assessment to your personal life or in the workplace takes knowledge and experience. ARTA has both. Dr. Jason differs from other consultants in that she insists on specific follow up meetings after the initial assessment and consultation to ensure steps are being taken to reach identified goals.


Get to know who you are and what makes you tick!!! Understand what makes your employees do what they do!! You’ll be glad you did!!!