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  • As a business owner, is there one word that makes you cringe???

  • When you hear it, does it create fear and confusion???

  • Do you know how to handle the dreaded “M”s in your workplace??

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What if I told you there were ways to engage and retain millennials in the workplace today? That’s right, recent studies are proving that there is hope…and even something to look forward to.


Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, Millennials are a hardworking and conscientious group of people. They want to make a change and be effective, they truly do!


I’ve personally worked with the millennial generation and have nothing but good things to say about them! They are extremely conscientious, hardworking, and reliable.


It’s time to stop complaining about millennials in the workforce and start providing them with opportunities to make a difference in your company. They are an intelligent, hardworking, and inventive generation!


Are You Doing Enough?

As a company, are you doing enough to motivate and retain your millennial workforce? Businesses all over are pondering the question. According to an article in Entrepreneur, millennials think very differently than baby-boomers. Specifically, in 2015, The Go Game polled their numerous clients to better understand this cultural evolution. What they found was many more millennials (79 percent), aged 21 to 30, found "team" or "culture" building activities in their organization significantly helped retain talent, while only 46 percent of baby boomers (aged 51-60) felt the same. Asked if team building was worth the time and effort, 88 percent of the millennial employees responded positively versus just 76 percent of boomers (source:

Do your millennials trust you? Do you provide autonomy and freedom for them to do their work? Do you micromanage your millennials? According to several studies, millennials are more inclined to leave a particular job for another but it is generally due to a lack of opportunities to be innovative in their working environment.

Deloitte published their 2017 study specifically on millennials one of the finings indicated that millennials are looking for directness and passion, not radicalism (source: