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Executive Conflict Resolution

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ARTA Consulting can address the conflicts you have within your executive management team. Dr. Eileen Jason has a PhD in Organizational Psychology. She has the tools and can teach you the techniques you need to resolve conflicts and get your leadership team together on the same page.

Is your executive team struggling to get on the same page? Is there always a new conflict? Internal conflicts can waste time, create unhappy employees, and harm productivity. Conflict resolution, when done right, will have a positive effect on both the leaders and employees.

Learn How to Handle Internal Conflicts Properly

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Tools and Techniques to Resolve Conflict

Handling conflict is always a challenge, but these tips will help you on your way:

Effective Workplace Tips to Deal With Conflicts

Dr. Jason at ARTA Consulting will help you with personal awareness, which will help you work with others in a more effective manner. She is available when appointments are made, so please contact today and schedule your appointment or request a FREE consultation via email.

Work Effectively With Others

  • Recognize and embrace conflict

  • Focus on the conflict, not the person(s)

  • Be open and honest

  • Stress the positives

  • Set goals to agree upon

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Conflict comes at a high cost; for executives, that cost is wasted time and mistrust; for organizations, workplace conflicts can cost hundreds of billions of dollars.


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